Colle21 Professional kit

The Colle21 Professional kit can be used in many situations such as do-it-yourself jobs, general repairs, model-making and much more!

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The Revolutionary Colle21 Super Glue

Colle21 Super Glue is the ideal DIY adhesive for materials such as metals, ceramic, wood, extruded polystyrene foam, and a variety of plastics (except for PE, PP, and PTFE). Excellent for precision works on miniatures, models, and figurines

Colle21 Worldwide recognition

Colle21 Super Glue has been featured and appreciated in many European trade shows in France, The Netherlands, Germany, and across the pond in Chicago, New York Philadelphia and Osaka

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Colle 21 pro kit Colle 21 complete kit

Colle21 Super Glue – 21gr

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  Only with the best material s you can obtain the best results!

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Super Glue for DIY


Thanks to its incredible cohesive properties, Colle21 can be used in hardware repairs, assembling of prototypes, and many DIY works

Super Glue for model making


The effectiveness in bonding metals and plastics, and its general versatility make of Colle21 an excellent choice for modeling and miniatures enthusiasts

Super Glue for Nails


Colle21 can be safely used as a “nail glue” for nail tips and nail wraps

Dental Glue


Colle21 is used in the field of Prosthodontics as a safe strong adhesive and sealing glue.

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Hello dear friends today I wanted to talk to you about HOBBY MODEL EXPO in Novegro-Milan Italy the next 27-28-29 September 2019 where Colle 21 will participate. I thought who better than Claudio Domeniconia founding member of NHOMAD, organizer of events and major...

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